The Value of Philosophy

The world is profoundly interconnected. Everything is connected to everything else. To name a simple example, every breath that one takes contains an air molecule expelled in Julius Caesar’s dying breath. This is one example of the interconnectedness of the world.

Everything that I think, feel, and do has been influenced by countless factors. Everything that I think, feel, and do will have an impact on countless aspects of the world. I am not separate from the others around me; they all affect me, and I affect all of them. I do my part to make the world better and worse with every aspect of my way of being.

The extraterrestrials have repeatedly emphasized that the greatest service that a person may do to the world is to radiate the Creator with the whole of their being. They have said that all services with materially observable results are of minute value in comparison to this service.

I have had a hard time believing this. I have been committed to philosophy as my means of serving others. But more and more I am coming to believe the extraterrestrials. I am coming to feel that the world is not particularly in need of more philosophy, but is in great need of the light and love of the Creator. It follows that I ought to invest my efforts not in thinking about philosophy, but in radiating the Creator, without the slightest concern for producing observable results, but rather simply trusting that, thanks to the interconnectedness of all things, I am having an impact.

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