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Mind Archetype Internal Relations

I wish to document some of the internal relations which are, as far as I can tell, present in the mind archetypes.

The Matrix draws upon the resources of the Potentiator, producing Catalyst. In this relation the Matrix is passive, the Potentiator active, and Catalyst neutralizing.

Experience shapes and is shaped by Catalyst. It shapes much faster than it is shaped. The interaction of Experience and Catalyst yields the Significator. In this relation Catalyst is passive, Experience is active, and the Significator is neutralizing.

The interaction of the Matrix and the Potentiator yields the Significator. In this relation the Matrix is passive, the Potentiator is active, and the Significator is neutralizing.

The Significator is transformed by Transformation, yielding the Great Way. In this relation the Significator is passive, Transformation is active, and the Great Way is neutralizing.

Experience is part of the Potentiator. The Matrix draws upon Experience in response to Catalyst. Experience is like a shell surrounding the Matrix.

The following illustration captures some of these relations:

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The Mind Archetypes in Brief

I describe the first seven archetypes of the archetypical mind, as exposed by Ra.

The Matrix of the Mind is the conscious mind. It is that which experiences. It is the seat of the will, which seeks out and responds to experiences.

The Potentiator of the Mind is the unconscious mind: a vast store of possibilities for experience. The unconscious mind is a hidden aspect of the mind which is far larger and more powerful than the conscious mind. The unconscious mind can be compared to an ocean, and the conscious mind to a bucket of water.

The Catalyst of the Mind is the experience resulting from the Matrix tapping into the resources of the Potentiator. It is the result of the Matrix experiencing or actualizing, in a piecemeal fashion, the Potentiator’s possibilities.

The Experience of the Mind is the collection of biases with which the mind responds to Catalyst. Experience is developed in response to Catalyst, and is used to respond to Catalyst.

The Significator of the Mind is the mind itself, in its totality. It therefore includes all of the preceding archetypes integrated into the structural whole of the mind.

The Transformation of the Mind is the opening up of the mind to the influence of the spirit. This occurs in connection with polarization towards the positive path or the negative path.

The Great Way of the Mind is the perfected mind operating in union with the spirit.

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I have experienced God, and this makes me one of the most fortunate individuals on the planet.

Every person searches for the meaning in life. I have found what almost none of them found, but all of them sought. What I have makes wealth, knowledge, love, fame, power look pale in comparison. This means that I am better off than even the rich and powerful.

To say nothing, then, of the people who are poor and persecuted, or the people who are sick or unhappy. A significant fraction of the world does not even have enough to eat. How poignant, that I and them should coexist on the same planet!

Since I am one of the most fortunate people on the planet, I have a profound responsibility to help others. If only I could share what I have!



There are significant difficulties involved in maintaining spiritual states of consciousness while involved in the ordinary activities of life. The most basic feature of meditation is that it involves a cessation of, and removal from, all ordinary activities. This is so helpful a step to take that almost no spiritual practice does not involve taking this step.

I formulated for myself my fundamental difficulty in maintaining spiritual states while involved in ordinary activities. This difficulty is that my consciousness lacks sufficient fluidity. My attention forms itself in separated clusters. It adapts itself to a new object only with difficulty, and once established on some object can maintain itself with relative ease. If my attention were more fluid, this would mean that it would be better able to dynamically reshape itself to respond to changes.

After making this observation, a connection with astrology occurred to me. I am a Sagittarius — a fire sign. What I described myself as lacking was fluidity, or the quality of water. I could easily describe my patterns of attention as firelike. Their need is to become more waterlike.

I can say what it would mean for astrology to be basically valid. Each of us is of one of these twelve types. Each type represents a direction of bias. The biases need to be balanced with their opposites. We have been made with these biases; we have been made incomplete. We need each other to be complete; e.g., I can learn fluidity from somebody who has it. None of us is complete individually, but together we form a complete spectrum.

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