My Past Lives

Here is everything I have figured out about my existence prior to this incarnation.

I am under the impression that I am a Wanderer from Ra. This is mostly an inference.

I began to believe that I was a Wanderer because this seemed like the best explanation for why I am spiritually powerful, and why I feel so different from everybody else, and why I feel so dissociated from the opinions, norms, and values of this species.

The question arises of which density I am from. Fourth density is out of the question, because I am not sufficiently loving, and too wise, to be of that origin. That leaves fifth or sixth density. Both seem like distinct possibilities, but sixth density seems more likely, for two reasons. First, a great proportion of my lessons of this incarnation have had to do with balancing love and wisdom, which is the work of sixth density. Second, Ra states that the great majority of Wanderers on Earth right now are from sixth density.

So I think that I am a sixth density Wanderer. This is probably a very common identity among spiritual seekers right now.

I began to suspect that my origin was the social memory complex Ra because this seemed like the best explanation for why I felt such an intense metaphysical pull to Ra’s philosophy. I had some telepathic experiences which corroborated the hypothesis.

A Wanderer from Ra is probably also a fairly common thing to be. Since Ra belongs to this solar system, there are probably a significant number of Wanderers from Ra on Earth.

So originally I did my third density work on Venus, and I progressed through the fourth and fifth densities, and into the sixth.

I hypothesize that I am a specialist in wandering, having cultivated the skill of penetrating the third-density forgetting to a high degree. So I find it likely that I have wandered to planets other than Earth in the past.

I know that I have been on Earth for more than one incarnation. I do not know how many.

I remember some details about my last incarnation. I was an occultist living somewhere in Europe, or perhaps in America. I was very unhappy, and a bit of a misanthrope.

My lessons were defined by a duality between my tendency to get overly lost in my intellect, and my neuroses surrounding romance. In my intellectual inquiries I would detach myself from my emotions, and eventually they would painfully catch up with me.

I worked with John Dee’s system of occultism. I practiced perceiving and understanding archetypes — an ability which I easily remembered in this incarnation. I was often frustrated with my intellectual inquiries, because I felt that they were leading me nowhere.

I also played the piano — an activity which I picked up again for a few years in this incarnation. In both cases it served the same function: to balance my detachment from my emotions.

I died on a respirator, with pain in my right hand.

A great many patterns continued from that incarnation into this one. Most of the problems I have now are problems that I had in my last life. But, I’ve made a lot of progress on those problems, and I’ve found my way into a place more filled with hope.

Besides my memories of my last incarnation, I have a memory of being in an Indian body and meditating on a mountain. This is presumably from an incarnation before my last one.

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