On the Large and the Small II

When the scientists made a map of the universe
They measured the skies and said,
“Look! The Earth is so small compared to empty space!
The universe is almost entirely void!”

But when God made his map of the universe,
the very same void was shoved into a tiny corner,
and the Earth was giant and looming.
God did not measure his universe in meters and hectares.
God measured it in love, in suffering, in understanding.

As God measures it, the Earth where humans live and suffer
is orders of magnitude larger than the empty space around it.
The miles of empty arctic tundra
Are smaller than the one-person mattress on which I lay with my lover.
The birth of one human counts larger
than a thousand rearrangements of celestial gas clouds.
The shame that a person carries inside them
is heavier than the cargo which the freight train so effortlessly pulls along.
And one wild, implausible dream
carries more weight than a thousand mundane realities.

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