Saving the World

(Alexander is speaking now.)

Value is not quite what we think it is. Success, in the worldly sense, is not necessarily success. It is a truism that rich and famous people often aren’t happy. And often they don’t, in the true sense, make much of an impact.

What is less obvious, what is much harder to see, is that outrageous success in the true sense is available to us if we just look inward with the eyes of faith. It is difficult to believe that we could save lives, start epochs, teach the gospel to the masses, and turn over the wheels of existence just by sitting alone in a room and meditating. It is difficult to believe that we are impacting anything other than ourselves when we meditate. But it is the situation, and in this implausible-sounding proposition lies a great secret.

It is easy to see that, outwardly speaking, we cannot save the world. There is no chain of causality that I can initiate in this material reality that will close the poverty gap, feed the starving, cure cancer, or solve any of a hundred thousand other urgent global problems. Yet I feel in my heart that the world needs saving.

In my implausible proposition lies a very simple and satisfactory plan for saving the world. Meditate. It has an impact that you cannot see.

The entire matrix of value in which we live and move is a grand myth. The successes, the failures, the people who made an impact, the people who did not make an impact — it’s all a lie. Underneath the ripples of value that dance on the surface of the waters, there is a tremendous roar of value, greater than anything any mortal can appreciate, and this grand dynamo of value is measured by a measure unrelated to the various worldly measures of success. The true success may well be a worldly failure, and the worldly success a true failure. The mystic may never, in this life, see the impact that he had on others. But it was precisely his willingness to believe in himself and in God, without having seen the proof, that allowed him to wield such terrible power.

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