Contents of the Ra material

What follows is a summary of the topics covered by the Ra material. It is intended to help in studying the Ra material. It is not intended to be a comprehensive description of the information in every session, as it is often possible to derive information from the wording of Ra’s answers which did not directly pertain to the question being asked.

I have excluded those topics which only have direct bearing on specific people connected with the contact. This includes, for instance, the information on Carla’s tuning adjustments which is present in most sessions. I have, however, included such information in the topic list in cases where it seemed to have particular potential for extracting more general conclusions.

1: Greeting, Ra’s identity, Law of One
2: Ra’s history, crystal healing, pyramids, purification ritual
3: Pyramid
4: Pyramid, healing
5: Healing, mental disciplines
6: Mental disciplines, Earth/Venus history, Confederation
7: Calling, Council, Orion
8: UFOs
9: Earth history, Bigfoot
10: Earth history, Bigfoot, graduation, seeking, spiritual exercises
11: Negative entities, Maldek
12: Crusaders, Wanderers, UFOs, Men in Black
13: Process of creation
14: Second to third density, inventions, channeling, Ra
15: Rapid aging, greatest service, balancing, Elder Race, first distortions, light/love and love/light
16: Quarantine, landing of Orion, Star Wars, harvest, Ten Commandments, Ra history, timelessness, planet statistics, Confederation, galaxies, understanding’s necessity for harvest, silver flecks, conditions in 4D, density definition, thoughts as realities, Orion attacks
17: Fourth density, crater in Tunguska, Jesus, Ra, knowledge’s necessity for harvest, Earth appears negative, Taras Bulba, Genghis Khan, Rasputin, spontaneous combustion, harvest year, means of services, polarity percentages, planes, how to meditate, incarnation allocation
18: Ra’s honesty, desires, breaking the Law of One, self-consciousness, Aleister Crowley, forgiveness, service, Yahweh and genetic programming
19: Second to third density, human physical weakness, second density view of pack as self, polarity, astrology
20: Second to third density, Dewey Larson, purpose of polarity, life span, Mars entities, aid to early third density, Easter Island
21: Ra’s way of communicating, quarantine, early third density, incarnation programming
22: Early third density, life span, Atlanteans
23: Ra’s Egypt contact, pyramids, Ra’s South America contact
24: Contact consequences, Yahweh contact, Anak, fire chariot of Orion, Dwight Eisenhower
25: Orion/Confederation battles
26: Bible, communications of the Law of One, Abraham Lincoln, UFOs, atom bomb, importance of philosophy vs. specific information
27: Paul Shockley in pyramids, intelligent infinity, rhythm of reality, intelligent energy, free will, love, vibration, colors
28: Intelligent infinity, Dewey Larson, rotation, beautiful nonsense, Logos, densities, initial polarity
29: Sub-Logoi, the sun, space and time, metaphysical nature of gravity, black holes, crystal usage
30: Mind/body/spirit complex, reproduction, planets
31: Sexual energy transfer, homosexuality, Orion use of sex, Third Reich fetishes
32: Sexual energy transfer, Wanderer sexual preferences, colors and breaks
33: Prisms, programmed lessons, self-defense and positive polarity, catalyst, appearance of violet ray
34: Penetration of intelligent infinity, karma, unmanifested self catalysts, Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King, technology, war, George Patton
35: Franklin Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln
36: Mind/body/spirit complex totality, Higher Self, parallel experiences, Himmler, end of negative path, penetration of forgetting
37: Problems of disseminating the Ra material, Higher Self, spiritual mass
38: Appearance of rays of balanced entity, nuclear energy, inspiration, Sirius third-density vegetation, meditation, fourth density negative
39: Nonsense about The Nine, energy centers
40: Metaphysical astronomy, energy centers, second to third density, third to fourth density, cancer
41: The sun, first and second density, energy centers
42: Balancing, emotional repression, will and faith, attention, ceremonial magic, parent/child relationships
43: Cattle mutilations, fourth to sixth density conditions, meditation aids
44: Negative contacts, strange subjective phenomena, Qabalah
45: Left and right brain
46: Positive and negative responses to anger
47: Purpose of social memory complexes, energy centers (positive and negative activation patterns, crystallization), bodies
48: Positive and negative work in fourth density, energy centers (patterns of activation, penetration), seniority
49: Jim’s frontal lobes experiences, left and right brain, energy centers (secondary centers, Kundalini), meditation techniques
50: South pole, adept, energy centers, purpose of forgetting (poker game metaphor)
51: Harvest supervisors, space travel, UFOs, bodies, energy centers (blockage, crystallization), Egyptian drawings
52: Space travel, reasons for wandering during harvest, heart of evolution, lightbringers
53: Confederation techniques, UFOs
54: Energy centers (blockage, north and south pole), catalyst, incarnation programming
55: Pyramid, bidding process
56: Pyramid
57: Pyramid, crystal healing, space and time
58: Pyramid, crystal healing, metal bending
59: Pyramid, Earth history
60: Pyramid, Carla’s balancing, ark of the covenant, global warming, civilizations inside Earth, entropy of spiritual information
61: Bio-rhythms, bodily disciplines, subjective knowing, frontal lobes
62: Orion’s purpose and activities, Earth vibratory levels
63: Vital energy, Earth changes into fourth density, metal bending
64: Ra’s spiritual path, adept’s cycle, allopathic healing, Bigfoot, meaningful physical sensations
65: Pyramid, increase in seeking, Wanderer services, war, mixed harvests, forgetting, prophecy (shopping metaphor)
66: Pyramid, crystal healing, archetypical mind, negative harvest
67: Archetypical mind, psychic attack
68: Psychic attack, displacement to negative time/space
69: Displacement to negative time/space
70: Displacement to negative time/space, regressive hypnosis, after death, UFOs, space and time
71: Polarity and harvestability, unmanifested being, after death, universality of evolutionary process, negative gravity well, white magic, Ra’s honor/duty to Earth
72: Magical effects of free will, north and south poles
73: White magic, north and south poles, evangelism, Jesus, crystal healing, energy transfer
74: White magic, archetypical mind, indigo ray, Sanskrit, Hebrew
75: White magic, Benedictus psychic attack, Sanskrit, Hebrew
76: Archetypical mind, history of densities
77: Archetypical mind, history of densities, non-necessity of negative thought forms
78: Archetypical mind, polarity
79: Archetypical mind, veil
80: Archetypical mind, fifth density negative companion
81: Archetypical mind, Ra’s knowledge, the galaxy
82: The galaxy, veil
83: Veil
84: Veil, martyrdom, sexual energy transfer
85: Veil, polarity, balancing of love and wisdom
86: Veil, unconscious mind, dreaming
87: Veil, fifth density negative companion, negative social memory complexes, sex
88: Archetypical mind
89: Archetypical mind, Venus history
90: Archetypical mind, humanoids
91: Archetypical mind
92: Archetypical mind
93: Archetypical mind, polarity
94: Archetypical mind
95: Archetypical mind
96: Archetypical mind
97: Archetypical mind
98: Cancer
99: Archetypical mind
100: Archetypical mind
101: (no non-personal information)
102: (no non-personal information)
103: Archetypical mind
104: The great illusion
105: Veil, aging and death
106: (no non-personal information)

  1. #1 by Sylvia Sutton on September 7, 2012 - 12:15 am

    Is there any reference to Babylon in Law of One?

  2. #3 by Ally on July 21, 2013 - 8:33 pm

    I am aware of my sts polarization, deactivation of my anahata chakra and choice not to ascend with the earth at this time. Will I remain on earth, away from those ascended, or be transferred to another planet? Will I ever have the opportunity to experience such a beautiful planet again? Or am I “doomed” to suffering in darkness for eternity?

    • #4 by antitheology on July 21, 2013 - 10:45 pm


      The Ra material says that entities which are neither more than 50% positively polarized, nor more than 95% negatively polarized, will remain in third density for another cycle (which lasts about 25,000 years). As Earth is transitioning into fourth density, these people will live out the rest of their current lives on Earth, and reincarnate on a different planet after they die.

      As I understand it, there is a great deal of variability in third density experiences. Some of them are very happy, and others are filled with great suffering. Overall a continuaton of third density is not a condemnation to suffering; it is a continuation of one’s current experience. Its nature is to a great extent chosen by the entity, insofar as they have developed definite preferences. To the extent that the entity has not developed preferences, the experience is random.

      In any case, every single entity eventually moves on to the higher densities. Even if third density were a suffering in darkness, it would still not be eternal. The afterlife described by Ra is not like the Christian model of heaven and hell, where some are saved and others are doomed to eternal suffering. According to Ra every entity is saved.

      Entities which are highly (at least 95%) polarized towards service to self will move on, after the end of their current incarnation, to a fourth density negative experience. This is also not an analogue of the Christian hell. Rather, it is a higher state of being than what we know on Earth, and a step forward on the path of evolution. However, I do not know that it would be described as happy or beautiful. The negative entity joins a huge conglomerate of negative entities, acquires a rank and “profession” within that conglomerate, and carries out service to itself through service to the conglomerate. I believe that it pleases the fourth negatively polarized entity because it provides increased opportunities for power. Even these negative entities will eventually return to the positive path, when the two paths unite in sixth density.

      Thanks for writing, and I wish you the best of luck sorting out your metaphysical future!


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