Reincarnation and the Tarot Archetypes

I used to think of my body as a useless receptacle in which I found my mind and spirit trapped. Recently I realized that the body is a profoundly important tool for spiritual evolution. I have seen that it has an intelligence of its own, and that the intelligence of the mind and body working in unison is far greater than the intelligence of the mind alone. I saw the truth of Nietzsche’s statement, “there is more wisdom contained in your body than in your most profound philosophy.”

Yet we know that our body is destroyed when we die. This seems somewhat problematic. If the universe is ethical, it follows that nothing of value can be destroyed. So, if the body is of value, how can it be destroyed? When it is destroyed, what happens to all of the wisdom which it contains?

We can find a solution to this problem by turning to the Tarot archetypes. I suggest that only the matrix of the body, and possibility the potentiator of the body, are destroyed upon death, and the other archetypes are preserved.

We know that after death, there is a process of life review in which all of the catalyst and experience produced during incarnation is examined and re-examined to fully absorb the lessons contained into the significator.

It is natural to say, then, that the catalyst and experience of the body survive physical death, since they are involved in post-incarnational processes. The significator must also be preserved, since it is also involved; and it becomes natural at that point to preserve the transformation and great way as well.

The only things that might die upon clinical death, then, are the matrix and the potentiator of the body.

Outside of incarnation there is no interaction between the matrix and the potentiator producing new catalyst. Thus we can think of these archetypes as destroyed; but we can also think of them as temporarily dormant or deactivated.

To expand upon this idea, consider the fact that a person’s body is almost entirely identical to every other person’s body. Human genes differ only minutely from ape genes; and the differences between individual humans are even more minute. So when one’s body dies, almost the same thing still exists in countless copies. So deactivation is a better image than destruction.

I think that we can extend these conclusions to the mind and the spirit cycle. Upon physical death, the matrices and potentiators are deactivated; they are no longer interacting to produce catalyst. Meanwhile, all of the other archetypes are preserved intact.

Having answered the question of what passes into death, we may now ask what passes into the next incarnation.

Ra says that the significators pass into the next incarnation. Meanwhile, the matrices and potentiators are reactivated and begin to produce catalyst. However, the catalysts and experiences must not pass into the next incarnation; otherwise we should be born with full memory of our previous incarnation and in possession of all of the knowledge, skills, biases, etc. that we held in that incarnation. It also makes little sense to say that the transformations and great ways pass into the next incarnation; otherwise we should be born with all of the mystical cultivation that we possessed in previous incarnations.

So, we conclude that the process is as follows. Upon death the matrices and potentiators are deactivated, and the ranks of catalyst and above pass intact into death. The significators are what pass into the next incarnation, and all of the other archetypes are supplied in a clean, unbiased, and “emptied” state to the newly born mind/body/spirit complex.

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